Email Testing for Devs

Catch all of your dev emails without worrying about accidentally emailing a customer.

Built for Devs - Available to Your Entire Team

Debug your email logic

We spend a lot of time creating user notifications, CRON jobs that send out emails, or any other transactional email logic. Having a central location for all of those emails to be delivered (that isn't your email client) can save time and keep everything together.

Stay in sync with your team

Do you work with designers and product managers who want to see the latest version of a transactional email? Give them access to a project's inbox and they can see the emails as they are being processed without having to chase down which inbox they are in.

No worries about sending emails to customers

No more dummy accounts and accounts with your emails to verify business logic is working! Catch all of the emails that leave your staging/dev environments - no matter what email they were being sent to.

Agencies, business, freelancers and developers will all benefit from CatchMyMail

Agency Teams

Multiple people in your agency need to touch an email and you want to make sure your client is able to preview the email as well. Give selected access to users at a project level to maintain control.

Business Teams

Businesses have a lot of internal projects to manage with a lot of transactional emails. Give your devs the confidence of a safe testing environment with a shared inbox.


You personally manage your own clients and having to jump between emails for testing can be a mess. Keep all of your projects and emails together in one place.

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